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Dog Grooming

 dog grooming


When it comes to dog grooming, many owners think the whole is pretty cut and dry. Just get Fido's hair cut once in a while and you're all set, right? But the amount of grooming that is needed varies from breed to breed and sometimes even dog to dog.


In fact, some dogs rarely even need to have their haircut because they shed most of the time. The best thing you can do when you get a new dog is learn as much as you can about the breed so that you know what kind of dog grooming you are getting yourself into.




Here Some Of The Most Basic Dog Grooming Tasks Many Dog Owners Find Themselves Doing:

  • Cutting hair - Some breeds will need to have their hair cut every so often, while others will simply shed naturally. Spend some time reading up on the breed of dog you have and find out if haircuts will be required. Most mixed breeds require regular haircuts.

  • Brushing - You should get your dog used to being brushed from the first day you bring her home. Brushing your dog is about much more than just keeping her hair neat. It's also like giving her a little doggy massage! Some dogs have a hard time sitting still for the brushing, so be sure that you teach your dog how to do it the very first day she comes home.

  • Bathing - Every dog needs a bath from time to time, but how often you bathe your dog depends on a lot of factors. The type of weather that is common where you live is one major factor. Just make sure that you don't bathe your dog too often or her skin will become dry and flaky.

  • Brushing teeth - This is the one part of dog grooming that most pet owners seem to forget all about, but doggy dental care is a reality you should not ignore. Your vet will check her choppers closely on every checkup, so you should do your best to keep those teeth in good shape. This is another part of dog grooming that you should get her used to starting the moment you bring her home.

  • Trimming toenails - Trimming your dog's toenails can be very tricky, especially if she won't sit still. If you trim them too far down, you'll cut the quick, which is painful for your dog and results in a lot of bleeding. The quick is easier to see on dogs with white nails, but on those with black nails, you just have to know where it is safe to cut. Don't be afraid to ask for help with some of these dog grooming tasks in the beginning, especially in delicate issues like clipping her toenails.



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